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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Aliyah

  2. Vincent Balcer's rating of the film Aliyah

    Correct mais plutôt dispensable.

  3. Le Picard's rating of the film Aliyah

    Très beau film sur une jeunesse paumée et "qui se débrouille " pour sortir de l'impasse où elle s'étiole. L'Alyah semble une porte de sortie pour rompre avec un passé et un présent sans issue. La réalisation met en valeur le jeu des acteurs et des actrices.

  4. AnneFran's rating of the film Aliyah

    La filiation avec Gray est légitime : beau film dense, économe, entre quête d'identité - mais qui est-on à 20 ans et quelque, la vie commence à peine et déjà la trentaine se profile - et conte noir familial, sur fond d'histoire d'amour solaire.

  5. Didonne's rating of the film Aliyah

    Tout le récit tourne autour du combat qu'un être englué mène pour se fabriquer une vie radicalement différente sur la terre de ses ancêtres. Assez bien vu, mais pas assez saillant pour que ma mémoire en garde le souvenir. En fait, j'avais déjà vu le film, et ce n'est qu'à la quarantième minute que je m'en suis aperçue. Même la beauté surnaturelle d'Adèle est passée à la trappe, et pourtant...

  6. Superfrog's rating of the film Aliyah

    Gets an extra star for the outside shots being done in my neighborhood. I can place the shots to the meter in the first 3 minutes and I can nearly see my place. The rest of the film is about taking a decision as to what to do next, which is highly relevant to my current situation.

  7. mrianlawton's rating of the film Aliyah

    Hmmmmm? Great performances and well crafted characters, beautifully shot and directed, but very unsatisfactory conclusion ... like they ran out of money half way through shooting it and all the interesting threads of the story were left hanging. But worth a watch

  8. Christopher W's rating of the film Aliyah

    Make Aliyah? Not from Western Europe .....

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Aliyah

    A drama about a drug dealer torn between helping his brother, being with a young woman he likes, and heading to another country to start a new life. This benefits from a selection of likable characters, despite most of their actions, and a brisk pace.

  10. Columba Quigley's rating of the film Aliyah

    I had no idea what to expect from this film. It surprised me in a very seductive way. Loved the main character, his silence, and his almost palpable quiet desperation. And also the notions of love, that were anti-type but more real for that. A gem.

  11. SafeStanding's rating of the film Aliyah

    The magnetic charm of Adèle Haenel was the highlight of this stagnant tale. The acting was excellent. The storyline, motionless.

  12. Jeremy's rating of the film Aliyah

    Well I really rather liked this movie, an interesting subject about which I knew very little. Outstanding performances, cinematography and a great soundtrack. It's worth seeing just for the beautiful cafe scene where Jeanne diagrams the state of their relationship on a napkin.

  13. Wera Leszczyk's rating of the film Aliyah

    I really enjoyed watching this. There is no splendid plot twists, but lots of ordinary life of a adults in Paris. The main character is the type of a person who has this natural shield around himself - you never know what he really thinks. Due to this, contact with him is always a bit more difficult than with others.

  14. G x's rating of the film Aliyah

    A low key drama that never really ignites, despite several good performances. Some of the central relationships, most notably the key romance at the centre, felt a little underdeveloped for me.

  15. captainfez's rating of the film Aliyah

    Adèle Haenel is luminous. The film, not so much.

  16. findfilm's rating of the film Aliyah

    We observe a young Parisien man struggling with his fractured family, his drug-dealing existence, a volatile love life and his Jewish heritage. Jerusalem represents an escape as he gathers up the funds and documentation to make the pilgrimage and he ensures it is a one-way trip despite the appearance in his life of a lady who offers the stability he requires. Rodrigo's Sugarman is an appropriate tune.

  17. Bafzer's rating of the film Aliyah

    Silver magic ships you carry

  18. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Aliyah

    I'd watch anything starring Adele Haenel.

  19. Xénia's rating of the film Aliyah

    A beautiful film, a moment in the story of a man who seeks a sense to his life, which until now seems to only have been attached to toxic people, lost loves, or non-exiting ones (his father). It's funny that so many people did not like the end, I actually find on the contrary that this is a surprising ending, leaving a strange feeling.. fortunately that it is not a classic love story.

  20. Aedin Walsh's rating of the film Aliyah

    shame about the storyline, but the cinematography and the actors are worth it.

  21. Giulia Galbarini's rating of the film Aliyah

  22. Diderot's rating of the film Aliyah

    Pio Marmaï and Adele Haenel are both gorgeous and very sexy as an almost-couple in this compelling film by a promising new director. (Marmaï has eyes that could melt stone.)

  23. allezchristina's rating of the film Aliyah

    Thought-provoking take on the concept of home and how it defines us.

  24. Leco's rating of the film Aliyah

    I think this one deserves some praise for the beautiful cinematography. The colors, the use of light, the angles... they're all a beautiful sight. As for the storyline, it isn't amazing, but together with the visual it makes you follow through the whole movie. So I'd recommend the movie, anyhow, for the great photography, even though I recognize that the ending can be disappointing for a lotta people.

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