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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Yû Irie

    Yû Irie Director

  3. Photo of Shô Tsukikawa

    Shô Tsukikawa Director

  4. Photo of Shôta Sometani

    Shôta Sometani Cast

  5. Photo of Kaho

    Kaho Cast

  6. Photo of Erina Mano

    Erina Mano Cast

  7. Photo of Makita Supôtsu

    Makita Supôtsu Cast

  8. Photo of Motoki Fukami

    Motoki Fukami Cast

  9. Photo of Tokio Emoto

    Tokio Emoto Cast

  10. Photo of Megumi Kagurazaka

    Megumi Kagurazaka Cast

  11. Photo of Ken Yasuda

    Ken Yasuda Cast

  12. Photo of Sairi Itô

    Sairi Itô Cast

  13. Photo of Yui Murata

    Yui Murata Cast

  14. Photo of Mariko Tsutsui

    Mariko Tsutsui Cast

  15. Photo of Toshihiro Yashiba

    Toshihiro Yashiba Cast

  16. Photo of Tomohide Harada

    Tomohide Harada Music

  17. Photo of Taichi Suzuki

    Taichi Suzuki Executive Producer and Director

  18. Photo of Shin'ichi Tanaka

    Shin'ichi Tanaka Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Kiminori Wakasugi

    Kiminori Wakasugi Executive Producer