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  1. Photo of Uros Milovanovic

    Uros Milovanovic Cast

  2. Photo of Adama Bila

    Adama Bila Cast

  3. Photo of Elysée Rouamba

    Elysée Rouamba Cast

  4. Photo of Rodrigue Ouattara

    Rodrigue Ouattara Cast

  5. Photo of Emir Kusturica

    Emir Kusturica Director

  6. Photo of Spike Lee

    Spike Lee Director

  7. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Director

  8. Photo of John Woo

    John Woo Director

  9. Photo of Mehdi Charef

    Mehdi Charef Screenplay and Director

  10. Photo of Diego De Silva

    Diego De Silva Screenplay

  11. Photo of Stribor Kusturica

    Stribor Kusturica Screenplay and Music

  12. Photo of Cinqué Lee

    Cinqué Lee Screenplay

  13. Photo of Joie Lee

    Joie Lee Screenplay

  14. Photo of Li Qiang

    Li Qiang Screenplay

  15. Photo of Kátia Lund

    Kátia Lund Screenplay and Director

  16. Photo of Jordan Scott

    Jordan Scott Screenplay and Director

  17. Photo of Eduardo Tripa

    Eduardo Tripa Screenplay

  18. Photo of María Grazia Cucinotta

    María Grazia Cucinotta Producer

  19. Photo of Chiara Tiles

    Chiara Tiles Producer

  20. Photo of Stefano Veneruso

    Stefano Veneruso Producer, Screenplay Director

  21. Photo of Terence Blanchard

    Terence Blanchard Music

  22. Photo of Maurizio Capone

    Maurizio Capone Music

  23. Photo of Ramin Djawadi

    Ramin Djawadi Music

  24. Photo of Lin Hai

    Lin Hai Music

  25. Photo of António Pinto

    António Pinto Music

  26. Photo of Rokia Trore

    Rokia Trore Music

  27. Photo of Philippe Brelot

    Philippe Brelot Cinematography

  28. Photo of Cliff Charles

    Cliff Charles Cinematography

  29. Photo of Gu Changwei

    Gu Changwei Cinematography

  30. Photo of Toca Seabra

    Toca Seabra Cinematography

  31. Photo of Vittorio Storaro

    Vittorio Storaro Cinematography

  32. Photo of Jim Whitaker

    Jim Whitaker Cinematography

  33. Photo of Zeng Nianping

    Zeng Nianping Cinematography

  34. Photo of Michel Amathieu

    Michel Amathieu Cinematography

  35. Photo of Barry Alexander Brown

    Barry Alexander Brown Editing

  36. Photo of Ugo De Rossi

    Ugo De Rossi Editing

  37. Photo of Robert A. Ferretti

    Robert A. Ferretti Editing

  38. Photo of Yannick Kergoat

    Yannick Kergoat Editing

  39. Photo of Estevan Santos

    Estevan Santos Editing

  40. Photo of Dayn Williams

    Dayn Williams Editing

  41. Photo of Svetolik Zajc

    Svetolik Zajc Editing