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  1. Photo of Pino Amenta

    Pino Amenta Director

  2. Photo of George T. Miller

    George T. Miller Director

  3. Photo of Peter Yeldham

    Peter Yeldham Screenplay

  4. Photo of Colin Free

    Colin Free Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vincent Moran

    Vincent Moran Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gwenda Marsh

    Gwenda Marsh Screenplay

  7. Photo of Nancy Cato

    Nancy Cato Novel

  8. Photo of Sigrid Thornton

    Sigrid Thornton Cast

  9. Photo of John Waters

    John Waters Cast

  10. Photo of Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

    Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Cast

  11. Photo of Darius Perkins

    Darius Perkins Cast

  12. Photo of John Alansu

    John Alansu Cast

  13. Photo of Frank Gallacher

    Frank Gallacher Cast

  14. Photo of Constance Lansberg

    Constance Lansberg Cast

  15. Photo of Gus Mercurio

    Gus Mercurio Cast

  16. Photo of Don Barker

    Don Barker Cast

  17. Photo of Daryl Pellizzer

    Daryl Pellizzer Cast

  18. Photo of Dinah Shearing

    Dinah Shearing Cast

  19. Photo of William Upjohn

    William Upjohn Cast

  20. Photo of Adrian Wright

    Adrian Wright Cast

  21. Photo of Diane Craig

    Diane Craig Cast

  22. Photo of Caroline Gillmer

    Caroline Gillmer Cast

  23. Photo of Celia de Burgh

    Celia de Burgh Cast

  24. Photo of Nick Waters

    Nick Waters Cast

  25. Photo of Carol Burns

    Carol Burns Cast

  26. Photo of David Connell

    David Connell Cinematography

  27. Photo of Bruce Rowland

    Bruce Rowland Music

  28. Photo of Tel Stolfo

    Tel Stolfo Production Design

  29. Photo of Alan Hardy

    Alan Hardy Producer

  30. Photo of Hector Crawford

    Hector Crawford Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Ian Crawford

    Ian Crawford Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Terry Stapleton

    Terry Stapleton Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Philip Reid

    Philip Reid Editing

  34. Photo of Ralph Strasser

    Ralph Strasser Editing

  35. Photo of Seth Krugliak

    Seth Krugliak Editing

  36. Photo of Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Sound

  37. Photo of Craig Carter

    Craig Carter Sound

  38. Photo of Clare Griffin

    Clare Griffin Costume Design