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  1. Photo of Thanos Anastopoulos

    Thanos Anastopoulos Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos

    Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos Producer

  3. Photo of Stella Theodoraki

    Stella Theodoraki Producer

  4. Photo of Stathis Ioannou

    Stathis Ioannou Music

  5. Photo of Elias Kostandakopoulos

    Elias Kostandakopoulos Cinematography

  6. Photo of Alexis Pezas

    Alexis Pezas Editing

  7. Photo of Maria Konomis

    Maria Konomis Production Design

  8. Photo of Kenan Akkawi

    Kenan Akkawi Sound

  9. Photo of Takis Asimakopoulos

    Takis Asimakopoulos Cast

  10. Photo of Nikos Georgakis

    Nikos Georgakis Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Zorba

    Maria Zorba Cast

  12. Photo of Nikos Kouris

    Nikos Kouris Cast

  13. Photo of Rénos Mandis

    Rénos Mandis Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Mascha

    Anna Mascha Cast

  15. Photo of Ioanna Mjunart

    Ioanna Mjunart Cast

  16. Photo of Pepi Economopoulou

    Pepi Economopoulou Cast

  17. Photo of Thanos Samaras

    Thanos Samaras Cast

  18. Photo of Fotis Spyros

    Fotis Spyros Cast

  19. Photo of Ioanna Tsirigouli

    Ioanna Tsirigouli Cast

  20. Photo of Sofia Kapsabeli

    Sofia Kapsabeli Cast