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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film All Through the Night

    Finally, something I can identify with. It's all about the cheesecake. Bogie, McHugh and Demarest make a great comic trio. Throw in some Nazis and Peter Lorre and you got a great story.

  2. mjgildea's rating of the film All Through the Night

    Too goofy to be a drama and too serious to be a comedy. All Through the Night is definitely entertaining but most of the punches just don't connect. Fans of Bogart won't be too disappointed but its nothing that should get immediately moved to the front of the line.

  3. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film All Through the Night

    This uneasy blend of drama and comedy still manages to be very entertaining. While the talent of Phil Silvers and Jackie Gleeson enhances the comedic aspects of the film, the humour still misses the mark. Humphrey Bogart is great as Gloves Donohue however his sense of comedic timing is somewhat lacking here. In spite of this, the movie is still well worth watching.