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  1. Photo of Adam Curtis

    Adam Curtis Director, Screenplay Self

  2. Photo of Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand Self

  3. Photo of Alan Greenspan

    Alan Greenspan Self

  4. Photo of Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton Self

  5. Photo of Robert Rubin

    Robert Rubin Self

  6. Photo of Arthur Tansley

    Arthur Tansley Self

  7. Photo of Norbert Wiener

    Norbert Wiener Self

  8. Photo of Howard T. Odum

    Howard T. Odum Self

  9. Photo of Buckminster Fuller

    Buckminster Fuller Self

  10. Photo of Stewart Brand

    Stewart Brand Self

  11. Photo of Jan Smuts

    Jan Smuts Self

  12. Photo of John Von Neumann

    John Von Neumann Self

  13. Photo of Lucy Kelsall

    Lucy Kelsall Producer

  14. Photo of Dominic Crossley-Holland

    Dominic Crossley-Holland Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Tamer Osman

    Tamer Osman Editing

  16. Photo of Colin Peters

    Colin Peters Editing

  17. Photo of Nick Fry

    Nick Fry Sound