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  1. Photo of Yves Boisset

    Yves Boisset Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Kirsner

    Jacques Kirsner Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yves Gibeau

    Yves Gibeau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lucas Belvaux

    Lucas Belvaux Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Carmet

    Jean Carmet Cast

  6. Photo of Jean-Pierre Aumont

    Jean-Pierre Aumont Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-François Stévenin

    Jean-François Stévenin Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Denis

    Jacques Denis Cast

  9. Photo of Eve Cotton

    Eve Cotton Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Mesguich

    Daniel Mesguich Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Pol Dubois

    Jean-Pol Dubois Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Claude Dreyfus

    Jean-Claude Dreyfus Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Marc Thibault

    Jean-Marc Thibault Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kalfon

    Jean-Pierre Kalfon Cast

  15. Photo of Serge Moati

    Serge Moati Cast

  16. Photo of Jacques Zanetti

    Jacques Zanetti Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Debary

    Jacques Debary Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Riffard

    Roger Riffard Cast

  19. Photo of Henri Poirier

    Henri Poirier Cast

  20. Photo of Bernard Bloch

    Bernard Bloch Cast

  21. Photo of Roger Ibanez

    Roger Ibanez Cast

  22. Photo of Pierre-William Glenn

    Pierre-William Glenn Cinematography

  23. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music