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  1. Photo of Arif Babayev

    Arif Babayev Director

  2. Photo of Alla Axundova

    Alla Axundova Screenplay

  3. Photo of Valeri Karimov

    Valeri Karimov Cinematography

  4. Photo of Firangiz Qurbanova

    Firangiz Qurbanova Production Design

  5. Photo of Ramiz Mirişli

    Ramiz Mirişli Music

  6. Photo of A. Abramova

    A. Abramova Editing

  7. Photo of Aziz Şeyxov

    Aziz Şeyxov Sound

  8. Photo of Hüseynağa Sadıqov

    Hüseynağa Sadıqov Cast

  9. Photo of Fazil Salayev

    Fazil Salayev Cast

  10. Photo of Safura İbrahimova

    Safura İbrahimova Cast

  11. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  12. Photo of Inara Quliyeva

    Inara Quliyeva Cast

  13. Photo of Hacıbaba Bağırov

    Hacıbaba Bağırov Cast

  14. Photo of Firangiz Abbasova

    Firangiz Abbasova Cast

  15. Photo of Ahmad Ahmadov

    Ahmad Ahmadov Cast

  16. Photo of Camil Quliyev

    Camil Quliyev Cast

  17. Photo of Rauf Gözalov

    Rauf Gözalov Cast

  18. Photo of Suğra Bağırzada

    Suğra Bağırzada Cast