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  1. Alejandro Zapata's rating of the film Almost Heaven

    Beautiful and very informative film. It reminds me a Japaness film called Departure (2008). It is amazing how these cultures have such a ritual and respect with the death.

  2. Stuart Metcalfe's rating of the film Almost Heaven

    I agree with the first person commenting....the audio really needs sorting on this film!

  3. Olivia Blyth's rating of the film Almost Heaven

    please fix the horrible sound delay!

  4. Rohan Berry's rating of the film Almost Heaven

    This was one of a handful of films I had a chance to see at this year's Berlinale. It's an exceptionally beautiful, intimate and personal study of a young woman, on the cusp of adulthood, finding her way in the world by attending to the dead. There is so much careful observation and empathy in the filmmaking that it becomes essential and compelling viewing.