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  1. Aube James's rating of the film Alone

    "Alone" captures many quiet moments by children who seems to grow up so fast, doing back-breaking chores on mudbanks & cliffs. Scenes tell me the families are tucked farthest away from Government welfare programs. Are they truly "Alone"? This is an immersion into the lives of rural children whose shoes do not even fit.

  2. andrine sæther's rating of the film Alone

    Wang Bing, to make such a documentary, I do not understand how it is possible, it is maybe the most moving film I have ever seen.

  3. boqqua's rating of the film Alone

    this film has genuine affinity between camera and people. but I can't say this film is beautiful.

  4. flaminglyly's rating of the film Alone

  5. Pedro Summavielle's rating of the film Alone