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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rubinia Welco's rating of the film Am Hang

    Einem liebeskranken Superextzentriker einen ganzen Film lang bei seinen hysterischen Gefühlsausbrüchen zuzusehen ist unerträglich und hinterlässt trotz den sonst sehr gut gezeichneten Charakteren das Gefühl, dass der Film emotioanl an die Wand gefahren ist. Die Bilder sind sehr schön trotzdem, das ist ja auch schon was.

  2. Na Talia's rating of the film Am Hang

    Meine Güte, wie kann man nur aus einem tollen Roman so etwas machen?

  3. henningninneh's rating of the film Am Hang

    in the end valery/bettina's motives are rather unconvincing, this is either a plot defect or due to gedeck's failure to fill in the persona. nevertheless, an enjoyable film for the most part. there is some good chemistry between the male protagonists and witty dialogue to boot. hübchen of course plays himself, which is a good thing. neither great nor bad.

  4. suede's rating of the film Am Hang

    5/10. Drama, drama, love-triangle drama. Featuring a lot of theatre-style dialogue, some tacky acting, Martina Gedeck with that permanent chip on her shoulder and, perhaps worst of all, another bad German-Swiss voice track. Would love to see a skilled and sensitive international remake of the basic plot material, filmed on those same southern prealpine lake locations.

  5. bastos's rating of the film Am Hang

    Mubi kann es also doch! Intelligenter Film bester deutscher Machart.

  6. Michael Nisi's rating of the film Am Hang

    “Ich glaube ans Verlieben.”