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  1. Photo of Doris Dörrie

    Doris Dörrie Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rolf Basedow

    Rolf Basedow Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marie Zielcke

    Marie Zielcke Cast

  4. Photo of Carla Weindler

    Carla Weindler Cast

  5. Photo of Julian Messner

    Julian Messner Cast

  6. Photo of Suzanne von Borsody

    Suzanne von Borsody Cast

  7. Photo of Franka Potente

    Franka Potente Cast

  8. Photo of Bernd Eichinger

    Bernd Eichinger Producer

  9. Photo of Martin Moszkowicz

    Martin Moszkowicz Producer

  10. Photo of Roman Bunka

    Roman Bunka Music

  11. Photo of Theo Bierkens

    Theo Bierkens Cinematography

  12. Photo of Inez Regnier

    Inez Regnier Editing

  13. Photo of Gustav-Peter Wöhler

    Gustav-Peter Wöhler Cast

  14. Photo of Steffen Wink

    Steffen Wink Cast

  15. Photo of Anica Dobra

    Anica Dobra Cast

  16. Photo of Iris Berben

    Iris Berben Cast

  17. Photo of Oliver Nägele

    Oliver Nägele Cast

  18. Photo of Maria Schrader

    Maria Schrader Cast

  19. Photo of Dietmar Schönherr

    Dietmar Schönherr Cast

  20. Photo of Beatriz Castillón Mateo

    Beatriz Castillón Mateo Cast

  21. Photo of Uwe Ochsenknecht

    Uwe Ochsenknecht Cast

  22. Photo of Lorenza Sophia Zorer

    Lorenza Sophia Zorer Cast

  23. Photo of Heike Makatsch

    Heike Makatsch Cast

  24. Photo of Juan Diego Botto

    Juan Diego Botto Cast

  25. Photo of Gisela Schneeberger

    Gisela Schneeberger Cast

  26. Photo of Nina Petri

    Nina Petri Cast

  27. Photo of Joachim Król

    Joachim Król Cast

  28. Photo of Lina Lambsdorff

    Lina Lambsdorff Cast

  29. Photo of Gottfried John

    Gottfried John Cast

  30. Photo of Elisabeth Romano

    Elisabeth Romano Cast

  31. Photo of Senta Berger

    Senta Berger Cast

  32. Photo of Andoni Gracia

    Andoni Gracia Cast

  33. Photo of Michael Klemm

    Michael Klemm Cast

  34. Photo of Enrico Boetcher

    Enrico Boetcher Cast

  35. Photo of Christine Oesterlein

    Christine Oesterlein Cast

  36. Photo of Ludwig Haller

    Ludwig Haller Cast

  37. Photo of Otto Sander

    Otto Sander Cast

  38. Photo of Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

    Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss Cast

  39. Photo of Maria Piniella

    Maria Piniella Cast

  40. Photo of Fernanda de Utrera

    Fernanda de Utrera Cast