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  1. Photo of Mehboob Khan

    Mehboob Khan Director and Producer

  2. Photo of S.K. Kalla

    S.K. Kalla Screenplay

  3. Photo of Agha Jani Kashmiri

    Agha Jani Kashmiri Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mehrish

    Mehrish Screenplay

  5. Photo of B.S. Ramaiah

    B.S. Ramaiah Screenplay

  6. Photo of S. Ali Raza

    S. Ali Raza Screenplay

  7. Photo of Naushad

    Naushad Music

  8. Photo of Faredoon A. Irani

    Faredoon A. Irani Cinematography

  9. Photo of Shamsudin Kadri

    Shamsudin Kadri Editing

  10. Photo of V.H. Palnitkar

    V.H. Palnitkar Production Design

  11. Photo of R. Kaushik

    R. Kaushik Sound

  12. Photo of Madhubala

    Madhubala Cast

  13. Photo of Nimmi

    Nimmi Cast

  14. Photo of Dilip Kumar

    Dilip Kumar Cast

  15. Photo of Jayant

    Jayant Cast

  16. Photo of Ulhas

    Ulhas Cast

  17. Photo of Mukri

    Mukri Cast

  18. Photo of Husn Banu

    Husn Banu Cast

  19. Photo of Amar

    Amar Cast

  20. Photo of Siddiqui

    Siddiqui Cast

  21. Photo of Murad

    Murad Cast

  22. Photo of Pande

    Pande Cast

  23. Photo of Haroon

    Haroon Cast

  24. Photo of Agha Miraz

    Agha Miraz Cast

  25. Photo of Shakeel Nomani

    Shakeel Nomani Cast

  26. Photo of Shahin

    Shahin Cast

  27. Photo of Nawab Khan

    Nawab Khan Cast