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  1. Photo of D.W. Griffith

    D.W. Griffith Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Robert W. Chambers

    Robert W. Chambers Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carol Dempster

    Carol Dempster Cast

  4. Photo of Neil Hamilton

    Neil Hamilton Cast

  5. Photo of Charles Emmett Mack

    Charles Emmett Mack Cast

  6. Photo of Lionel Barrymore

    Lionel Barrymore Cast

  7. Photo of Lucille La Verne

    Lucille La Verne Cast

  8. Photo of Erville Alderson

    Erville Alderson Cast

  9. Photo of Lee Beggs

    Lee Beggs Cast

  10. Photo of John Dunton

    John Dunton Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Donaldson

    Arthur Donaldson Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett Cast

  13. Photo of Downing Clarke

    Downing Clarke Cast

  14. Photo of Frank Walsh

    Frank Walsh Cast

  15. Photo of Arthur Dewey

    Arthur Dewey Cast

  16. Photo of G.W. Bitzer

    G.W. Bitzer Cinematography

  17. Photo of Marcel Le Picard

    Marcel Le Picard Cinematography

  18. Photo of Hendrik Sartov

    Hendrik Sartov Cinematography

  19. Photo of Harold S. Sintzenich

    Harold S. Sintzenich Cinematography

  20. Photo of James Smith

    James Smith Editing

  21. Photo of Rose Smith

    Rose Smith Editing