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  1. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Americano

    Not worth your time unless you're *really* into the genealogy of French cinema, or curious about the fish-out-of-water experience of a Frenchman in Los Angeles (more absurd than that of an Englishman in New York) and Tijuana. If you're watching to see Selma Hayek as a stripper, go watch 'From Dusk Till Dawn', or better yet, 'Dogma'. For me, the film's best parts were the excerpts from Varda's 'Documenteur' (1981).

  2. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Americano

    A clichéd storm. Not to mention use of Agnès Varda's own historical footage (of yourself?!)? Bad idea. May G Chaplin live forever.

  3. The Boreal Chorus's rating of the film Americano

    Uufff... that was painful. And not in a good way. This is what happens when "New Wave royalty" are given the keys to the family inheritance and drive it into the channel. At least Chaplin and Hayek can act. Demy can't write a passable script, let alone act one out. Def Film Class 101: cliches, stock characters, recycled emotions and a complete absent of irony. Stick to your day job, Vincent. Take care of that ear.

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Americano

    Starts out interesting enough but once we hit Mexico and after the first encounter between Martin and Lola, it just drags. The acting is decent but the characters are stock and ultimately the film fails to engage on any level.

  5. Paola Solari's rating of the film Americano

    Americano was a somewhat an arduous experience. It was hard to stay interested in a wandering plot that went nowhere. What started as a film about self-discovery and the search for absolution, turned into in a chaotic mess of empty stock characters and strained far-fetched situations. Lola's character is infuriatingly clichéd. The performances of the cast were less than satisfactory. An overall "meh" film.

  6. Anna Keefe's rating of the film Americano

    Americano was interesting at some points, but overall, a bit slow-moving. The main character unravels after his mother's death, and an audience can easily feel just as distant from the other characters as he does. Overall, fairly disappointing as a story line. However, the musical score was fitting and a satisfying element of the film. The directors use of color and contrast worked well in evoking emotion.

  7. tori reeves's rating of the film Americano

    I really enjoyed watching Americano, it started a bit slow but kept me intrigued with an interesting plot, the main character, Martin, is someone many can relate too--or at least feel sympathy towards. One thing that really stuck out to me was the score/soundtrack, each piece did a wonderful job at setting the tone of a scene.

  8. Jeremy Barker's rating of the film Americano

    two because I can't give only one star to a movie where the great Salma is.

  9. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Americano

    Really felt this was slow and drifted nowhere. I found no real enjoyment or entertainment here. It seemed that writer/director/actor Demy was connected to this story, but it felt like it was more personal for him than it was for the audience. Not my fav.

  10. mnpanetsos's rating of the film Americano

    A nice try of a good film, but only a try. There are different nice pieces, the music, the photography and generally the plot-dialogue, but something doesn't help to make them fix together and make a nice result. Nice idea, nice ingredients, but it needs more salt and pepper...

  11. captainfez's rating of the film Americano

    Read the will. Find the stripper. Wait, what?

  12. Ekaterina Chernyaeva's rating of the film Americano

    Among other things, I also wonder if Lola (Rosita) was inspired by other Lola, Jacque Demy's (father) Lola.

  13. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Americano

    This guys's mom is Agnes Varda: one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. How could he make something so unremarkable?

  14. Bruce Carter's rating of the film Americano

  15. Appetency Recruitment's rating of the film Americano

  16. panagiotatos's rating of the film Americano

    5/10, unconvincing and awkward, but with a couple of promising moments for a debut film.

  17. sabir haque's rating of the film Americano

    The inner turmoil of the primary character is beautifully portrayed. The plot thickens with every minute into the Narrative. The unanswered questions of Martin becomes the quest of the audience. Loved the film.

  18. Kim Nyman's rating of the film Americano

    Great movie. Liked a piano at the end.

  19. Arnaud Roth's rating of the film Americano

  20. filipequintans's rating of the film Americano

    Mathieu Demy (filho da Varda e do Demy) estreou "de acordo", embora peque no final.

  21. VIOLHAINE LARSEN's rating of the film Americano

    Main character is a bit annoying but the other ones are quite good. The German guy, the typewriter man, and of course Salma Hayek is gorgeous. Great tunes at the Americano club, too!