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  1. Photo of Bujar Alimani

    Bujar Alimani Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luli Bitri

    Luli Bitri Cast

  3. Photo of Karafil Shena

    Karafil Shena Cast

  4. Photo of Todi Llupi

    Todi Llupi Cast

  5. Photo of Mirela Naska

    Mirela Naska Cast

  6. Photo of Alaksander Rrapi

    Alaksander Rrapi Cast

  7. Photo of Elias Adamis

    Elias Adamis Cinematography

  8. Photo of Shpetim Baca

    Shpetim Baca Production Design

  9. Photo of Genti Decka

    Genti Decka Production Design

  10. Photo of Tefta Bejko

    Tefta Bejko Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Bonita Papastathi

    Bonita Papastathi Editing

  12. Photo of Xenofontas Kontopoulos

    Xenofontas Kontopoulos Sound

  13. Photo of Leandros Ntounis

    Leandros Ntounis Sound