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  1. Photo of Bruno Barreto

    Bruno Barreto Director

  2. Photo of José Louzeiro

    José Louzeiro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leopoldo Serran

    Leopoldo Serran Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paulo Gracindo

    Paulo Gracindo Cast

  5. Photo of Cristina Aché

    Cristina Aché Cast

  6. Photo of Paulo Guarnieri

    Paulo Guarnieri Cast

  7. Photo of Ligia Diniz

    Ligia Diniz Cast

  8. Photo of Flávio São Thiago

    Flávio São Thiago Cast

  9. Photo of Hélio Ary

    Hélio Ary Cast

  10. Photo of Vinícius Salvatori

    Vinícius Salvatori Cast

  11. Photo of José Dumont

    José Dumont Cast

  12. Photo of Roberto Husbands

    Roberto Husbands Cast

  13. Photo of Ana Maria Miranda

    Ana Maria Miranda Cast

  14. Photo of Lauro Escorel

    Lauro Escorel Cinematography

  15. Photo of Guto Graça Mello

    Guto Graça Mello Music

  16. Photo of Anisio Medeiros

    Anisio Medeiros Production Design

  17. Photo of Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Luiz Carlos Barreto Producer

  18. Photo of Walter Clark

    Walter Clark Producer

  19. Photo of Lucy Barreto

    Lucy Barreto Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Raimundo Higino

    Raimundo Higino Editing

  21. Photo of Jean-Claude Laureux

    Jean-Claude Laureux Sound

  22. Photo of Victor Raposeiro

    Victor Raposeiro Sound