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  1. Photo of Jorge Perugorría

    Jorge Perugorría Director

  2. Photo of Cucu Diamantes

    Cucu Diamantes Self

  3. Photo of Andrés Levin

    Andrés Levin Self, Music Producer

  4. Photo of Liosky Clavero

    Liosky Clavero Self

  5. Photo of Carlos Acosta

    Carlos Acosta Self

  6. Photo of Pepe Amad

    Pepe Amad Self

  7. Photo of Javier Barroso

    Javier Barroso Self

  8. Photo of Leonardo Baxter

    Leonardo Baxter Self

  9. Photo of Leoncio de Gibara

    Leoncio de Gibara Self

  10. Photo of Tony Escapa

    Tony Escapa Self

  11. Photo of Mabys Maray Fritze

    Mabys Maray Fritze Self

  12. Photo of Thomy Garcia

    Thomy Garcia Self

  13. Photo of Broselianda Hernández

    Broselianda Hernández Self

  14. Photo of Nestor Jimenez

    Nestor Jimenez Self

  15. Photo of Gaston Joya

    Gaston Joya Self

  16. Photo of Antonio Leal

    Antonio Leal Self

  17. Photo of Ernesto Granados

    Ernesto Granados Cinematography

  18. Photo of Sarah Green

    Sarah Green Producer

  19. Photo of Cliff Chenfeld

    Cliff Chenfeld Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Patrick de Bokay

    Patrick de Bokay Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Ben Odell

    Ben Odell Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Manuel Iglecias

    Manuel Iglecias Editing

  23. Photo of Alejandro Varela

    Alejandro Varela Editing