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  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Amour fou

    3.7 stars. 'Morrissey: The Early Years'. Elicited a strange kind of silent laughter which felt like being on the edge of sneezing. Very effective as a critique of the self-absorbed, self-pitying, emotionally abusive Male Artist, structured around the female gaze, which felt all the more timely watched on day I read about a man who is playing piano on Bristol Green until his ex-girlfriend returns to him.

  2. Matt Reddick's rating of the film Amour fou

  3. (arc)'s rating of the film Amour fou

  4. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Amour fou

    Like Harold and Maude, except not stupid.

  5. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film Amour fou

    I will dream of the saturated interiors! Oh the flooring of 19th century Prussia!

  6. letters never sent's rating of the film Amour fou

    While overall not too excellent, there's so many quotable quotes here that I could have uttered myself, or at least has crossed my mind. It's also shot like a painting, amazing set design, so beautiful in that aspect.

  7. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film Amour fou

    There is a reason we seek quality audio and video equipment. We want a beautiful picture, good, clear audio and sharp resolution. This would be wasted upon a blurry film that meanders its way through landscapes of half forgotten streets. Amour Fou is like a cat waiting to spring upon its prey - it is a vivid, beautiful, sonorant light out of darkness that returns to the dark almost as a fly by - a window into love.

  8. Joseph Kennemer's rating of the film Amour fou

    Emotionally understated and rich with ideas, Amour Fou makes for an interesting drama, but a boring one.

  9. David R Williams's rating of the film Amour fou

    Like watching paint dry. Staggeringly uninteresting.

  10. mpho3's rating of the film Amour fou

    "As an immersive portrait of repression, depression and the stifling air of privilege, it’s a stubbornly beautiful curio." - Tim Grierson, Paste. 3.5 stars

  11. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Amour fou

    This film is satirizing the likes of things like Jane Austen's works and other classic costume drama. It seems to misunderstand some of the key traits that make those pieces successful. Though scathing, Amour Fou seems to lack the awareness of the satirical nature of other pieces in its genre. Though it contains a clever absurdist streak that fooled me for a while, it ultimately fell short of being that clever.

  12. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Amour fou

    One of the better framed films I've seen in recent years. So much is going on by watching the sides and background of the shots, even while onscreen dialogue is minimal and pacing is slow. Hausner's drama subtly contradicts the idea of sacrificial love by suicide (the Crazy Love, or Amour Fou) by showing the folly in thinking one can share death with another. We go it alone and death is not a romantic conceit.

  13. mkdunwody's rating of the film Amour fou

    Gorgeous, understated, exceedingly complex, heartbreaking.

  14. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Amour fou

    Ah, the Romantics. When the death poet starts sniffing around your wife, tell him to pound sand. Oh, and "I beg your pardon, but I was wondering if we could postpone the murder/suicide pact until I get a second opinion?"

  15. El Biffo's rating of the film Amour fou

    Beautiful to look at, exquisite set designs framed perfectly contrast dramatically with the strange coldness of a love movie that has no love scene in it, not even a kiss.

  16. crystal meff's rating of the film Amour fou

    The role of household pets hasn't really changed much thru the ages. Their four legged friends seem somewhat happier tho.

  17. Thomas's rating of the film Amour fou

    Gorgeous cinematography and attention to detail. The sets, costumes, colours, and framing make this interior world of stifling social constraint a visually stunning and mesmerising place to spend time looking around. The film resembles a Vermeer painting, having had much research put into the production design. Sadly the acting and narrative pace do not live up to those high levels.

  18. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Amour fou

    Perfectly formed, the lighting and frame composition suggesting Vermeer, atmospherically conjuring up a world in transition against the backdrop of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Hausner brings a corrective feminist sensibility, exposing the sexual politics and showing how the great Romantic hero could just as well be a dangerous imbecile. Funny and disturbing with good use of Beethoven as a motif.

  19. Crina Cătălina Bucur's rating of the film Amour fou

    "However, that particular lady has refused to comply with this wish of mine. And so I no longer love her." - if you can dispose of someone you allegedly loved just like that, you probably deserve to die alone anyway.

  20. raggiodisole's rating of the film Amour fou

    whoah, bit of a dazzler this one. Doom-laden yet cogent millenials in saturated image fantasy. Unexpected

  21. Michael King's rating of the film Amour fou

    Startling film, mesmerising to watch and beautiful to behold. A film that will live long in the memory, wonderful contrast between the dark themes of the movie and the bright pastel shades. One to watch and rewatch as the years go by.

  22. Wen's rating of the film Amour fou

    At first, seems an echo to Rohmer’s The Marquise of O (content, style, camera work, slow pace...), but has some very dark humor and probably less sympathetic towards the heroines?

  23. Superfrog's rating of the film Amour fou

    Too passive for my liking. Could do with more cinema and less photography. Cannot decide whether it is theatre of film, and as a result pushes the possibilities of neither format.

  24. Sheena's rating of the film Amour fou

    Each shot is beautifully framed and composed. Dialogue that doesn't burden itself with incessant reverse shots (I'm so bored of these in films-there are other ways to film a conversation!), but rather chooses a long take framing all the characters in the conversation, or with the characters with their backs to the camera. I liked this out of focus effect too that came up at times.

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