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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dee's rating of the film Amreeka

    liked this movie, it was inspiring,,a mother and her child go to america to live a better life,,much drama and troubles...

  2. Luis Cruz's rating of the film Amreeka

    I think the movie is really marvelous to show the cultural shock of an individual that comes from an inclusive society to an individualistic society, in which the values of hope, family and honor are constantly colliding against intolerance, fear and consumerism. Still the beginning uses strong stereotypes of American racism and intolerance that, generally speaking, are rare.

  3. Rio Johan's rating of the film Amreeka

    Despite ended with such cliche, I like the performance.

  4. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film Amreeka

    Hiam Abbas can never do wrong.

  5. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Amreeka

    Dabis is lucky to have such a wonderful cast on the debut film as director But this story about post 9/11 xenophobic America feels patchy at times and does not avoid the trap of introducing Hollywood-esque feel-good moments in an otherwise strong drama.

  6. Yashoda's rating of the film Amreeka

    good, interesting, ends VERY abruptly.

  7. Edward Copeland's rating of the film Amreeka

    New review: