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Ratings & Reviews

  1. James Mackin's rating of the film Amy George

    Fairly standard, but had some tense scenes.

  2. ADZERTY's rating of the film Amy George

    Difficile de traiter le passage de l'enfance à l'âge adulte et l'éveil de la sexualité. L'auteur fait assez bien ressentir la construction des nouveaux repères qui s'impose à son protagoniste.

  3. Olenka Kontrabandista's rating of the film Amy George

    Quite boring while watching but with some magic moments in retrospective.

  4. mohamdHrb's rating of the film Amy George

    Jesse's mind is changing, just like his body! Probably, the most remarkable feature of the film is it's sincerity... love the ending.

  5. srubarth's rating of the film Amy George

    This is a remarkably subtle film. I don't think this is really a coming to age film, despite appearances, though it certainly plays with the genre. It is definitely a film I need to see again -- a clear sign of an intelligent film (the director doesn't do all the work for the viewer!). Nice production values given the limited budget, well directed, and a superb performance by the young actor playing Jesse.

  6. mpho3's rating of the film Amy George

    Though the pacing well captured the time of early adolescence, it was as tough to swallow as those vitamins shoved under the mattress. I wanted to cunt punt the mother, and the father was as useful as a limp dick. Del Castillo Mullally and Natasha Allen shine. Nice analog touchpoints - film camera, cordless phone, card catalog, the aunt pulling out the hardcover dictionary. I loved the ending. Loved it. Oh Canada.

  7. Sr. Dionigi's rating of the film Amy George

    Nice, delicate film. Starts sleepy, then is morbid. Teenager wet dream meets kitchen sink drama. Literary detail the lost dog called Prokosh.

  8. amhume's rating of the film Amy George

    The writing is great. A few unforgettable, well-earned lines in here.

  9. Theosaurus Rex's rating of the film Amy George

    A painfully explicit portrayal of boyhood. I cringed, I chuckled... but mostly, I felt. I felt the tension, the angst, and the innocence. "First one to the top gets to feel my tits." Bravo.

  10. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Amy George

    Truthful and daring, a near-perfect film on the subject of puberty.

  11. Clayton Sanchez's rating of the film Amy George

    A film I can relate to.I actually enjoyed the ending.

  12. Carrie Hunter's rating of the film Amy George

    I thought the characters were caricatures and the storyline of a boy's coming of age story is cliched. I wish the filmmakers had done more than merely broach the idea of consent, it could have been so much more complex. Instead they presented it as a binary yes/no situation, with the black sheep sister (only interesting character) speaking for the young girl, whose voice we never really hear.

  13. Francisco Luna, Jr.'s rating of the film Amy George

    Déraisonnable sombre encombrait le brillant jeune.

  14. Dane Ohlrogge's rating of the film Amy George

    A slow, though-provoking drama that leads you back to the days of adolescence that you're glad you left.

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Amy George

    Excellent debut feature by directors Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas. Toronto set picture concerns a young teen who fancies himself a budding artist and becomes somewhat obsessed with experiencing sex as a foray into artistic expression. Film is shot with mostly natural light and becomes a sort of vertite exercise in the 'coming of age' film. Young Mullally a real find supported by a quite naturalistic cast. A gem.

  16. jmcnally's rating of the film Amy George

    A remark­ably self-assured debut for the film­makers, and though there are a few rough spots tech­nic­ally (shaky camera, less than per­fect sound, a few uneven per­form­ances from the sup­porting players) and a bit of shape­less­ness to the story, it adds up to a sat­is­fying exper­i­ence. And it makes me happy to add another couple of young Canadian film­makers to my radar.