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  1. Photo of John Erman

    John Erman Director

  2. Photo of Perry Lafferty

    Perry Lafferty Producer

  3. Photo of Art Seidel

    Art Seidel Producer

  4. Photo of Ron Cowen

    Ron Cowen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Daniel Lipman

    Daniel Lipman Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sherman Yellen

    Sherman Yellen Screenplay

  7. Photo of Woody Omens

    Woody Omens Cinematography

  8. Photo of Gena Rowlands

    Gena Rowlands Cast

  9. Photo of Ben Gazzara

    Ben Gazzara Cast

  10. Photo of Sylvia Sidney

    Sylvia Sidney Cast

  11. Photo of Aidan Quinn

    Aidan Quinn Cast

  12. Photo of D.W. Moffett

    D.W. Moffett Cast

  13. Photo of John Glover

    John Glover Cast

  14. Photo of Sydney Walsh

    Sydney Walsh Cast

  15. Photo of Terry O'Quinn

    Terry O'Quinn Cast

  16. Photo of Bill Paxton

    Bill Paxton Cast

  17. Photo of Cheryl Anderson

    Cheryl Anderson Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Bradley

    Christopher Bradley Cast

  19. Photo of Sue Ann Gilfillan

    Sue Ann Gilfillan Cast

  20. Photo of Don Hood

    Don Hood Cast

  21. Photo of Barbara Hey

    Barbara Hey Cast

  22. Photo of Scott Jaeck

    Scott Jaeck Cast

  23. Photo of John Lafayette

    John Lafayette Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Prince

    Michael Prince Cast

  25. Photo of Essex Smith

    Essex Smith Cast

  26. Photo of Lee Wilkof

    Lee Wilkof Cast

  27. Photo of Jerrold L. Ludwig

    Jerrold L. Ludwig Editing

  28. Photo of James Hulsey

    James Hulsey Production Design

  29. Photo of John Kander

    John Kander Music