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  1. Photo of Ching Siu-Tung

    Ching Siu-Tung Director

  2. Photo of James Yuen

    James Yuen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cheung Tan

    Cheung Tan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tim Nam Chun

    Tim Nam Chun Screenplay

  5. Photo of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen Cast

  6. Photo of Guo Xiaodong

    Guo Xiaodong Cast

  7. Photo of Kelly Chen

    Kelly Chen Cast

  8. Photo of Zhenghai Kou

    Zhenghai Kou Cast

  9. Photo of Leon Lai

    Leon Lai Cast

  10. Photo of Liu Weihua

    Liu Weihua Cast

  11. Photo of Shan Zhang

    Shan Zhang Cast

  12. Photo of Bo Zhou

    Bo Zhou Cast

  13. Photo of Jie Yan

    Jie Yan Cast

  14. Photo of Daichi Harashima

    Daichi Harashima Cast

  15. Photo of Zhang Mu Liu

    Zhang Mu Liu Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ze Xie

    Ze Xie Cinematography

  17. Photo of Zhao Xiaoding

    Zhao Xiaoding Cinematography

  18. Photo of Mark Lui

    Mark Lui Music

  19. Photo of Chung Man Yee

    Chung Man Yee Production Design

  20. Photo of Claudie Chung Chun

    Claudie Chung Chun Producer

  21. Photo of Gin Lau

    Gin Lau Producer

  22. Photo of Kim Wah Lo

    Kim Wah Lo Producer

  23. Photo of Andrew Loo

    Andrew Loo Producer

  24. Photo of Tracy Adams

    Tracy Adams Editing

  25. Photo of Chan Ki Hop

    Chan Ki Hop Editing

  26. Photo of Hung Yiu Poon

    Hung Yiu Poon Editing

  27. Photo of Dora Ng

    Dora Ng Costume Design