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  1. Photo of Mstislav Pashchenko

    Mstislav Pashchenko Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Boris Andreyev

    Boris Andreyev Cast

  3. Photo of Yuliya Yulskaya

    Yuliya Yulskaya Cast

  4. Photo of Yuriy Khrzhanovskiy

    Yuriy Khrzhanovskiy Cast

  5. Photo of Margarita Korabelnikova

    Margarita Korabelnikova Cast

  6. Photo of Viktoriya Ivanova

    Viktoriya Ivanova Cast

  7. Photo of Mikhail Druyan

    Mikhail Druyan Cinematography

  8. Photo of Karen Khachaturyan

    Karen Khachaturyan Music

  9. Photo of Lidiya Kyaksht

    Lidiya Kyaksht Editing

  10. Photo of Nikolay Prilutskiy

    Nikolay Prilutskiy Sound

  11. Photo of Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin

    Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin Animation

  12. Photo of Mstislav Kuprach

    Mstislav Kuprach Animation

  13. Photo of Nadezhda Privalova

    Nadezhda Privalova Animation

  14. Photo of Dmitriy Belov

    Dmitriy Belov Animation

  15. Photo of Faina Yepifanova

    Faina Yepifanova Animation

  16. Photo of Vladimir Pekar

    Vladimir Pekar Animation

  17. Photo of Boris Dyozhkin

    Boris Dyozhkin Animation and Director

  18. Photo of Fyodor Khitruk

    Fyodor Khitruk Animation

  19. Photo of Boris Stepantsev

    Boris Stepantsev Animation

  20. Photo of Boris Chani

    Boris Chani Animation

  21. Photo of Roman Kachanov

    Roman Kachanov Animation