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  1. Photo of Denise Robert

    Denise Robert Producer

  2. Photo of Daniel Louis

    Daniel Louis Producer

  3. Photo of Éric Bruneau

    Éric Bruneau Cast

  4. Photo of Mélanie Thierry

    Mélanie Thierry Cast

  5. Photo of Melanie Merkosky

    Melanie Merkosky Cast

  6. Photo of Marie-Josée Croze

    Marie-Josée Croze Cast

  7. Photo of Mathieu Quesnel

    Mathieu Quesnel Cast

  8. Photo of Michel Forget

    Michel Forget Cast

  9. Photo of Geneviève Boivin-Roussy

    Geneviève Boivin-Roussy Cast

  10. Photo of Magalie Lépine Blondeau

    Magalie Lépine Blondeau Cast

  11. Photo of Yves Jacques

    Yves Jacques Cast

  12. Photo of Juana Acosta

    Juana Acosta Cast

  13. Photo of Johanne-Marie Tremblay

    Johanne-Marie Tremblay Cast

  14. Photo of Denys Arcand

    Denys Arcand Screenplay, Director

  15. Photo of Nathalie Moliavko-Visotzky

    Nathalie Moliavko-Visotzky Cinematography

  16. Photo of Isabelle Dedieu

    Isabelle Dedieu Editing

  17. Photo of Mario Auclair

    Mario Auclair Sound

  18. Photo of Simon Brien

    Simon Brien Sound

  19. Photo of Louis Gignac

    Louis Gignac Sound

  20. Photo of Marie-Claude Gagné

    Marie-Claude Gagné Sound

  21. Photo of Pierre-Philippe Côté

    Pierre-Philippe Côté Music

  22. Photo of Patrice Bengle

    Patrice Bengle Production Design

  23. Photo of Édith Scob

    Édith Scob Cast