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  1. Photo of Justin Weinstein

    Justin Weinstein Director, Screenplay, Producer Cinematography

  2. Photo of Greg O'Toole

    Greg O'Toole Screenplay and Editing

  3. Photo of James Randi

    James Randi Self

  4. Photo of Banachek

    Banachek Self

  5. Photo of Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper Self

  6. Photo of Penn Jillette

    Penn Jillette Self

  7. Photo of Bill Nye

    Bill Nye Self

  8. Photo of Adam Savage

    Adam Savage Self

  9. Photo of Michael Shermer

    Michael Shermer Self

  10. Photo of Richard Wiseman

    Richard Wiseman Self

  11. Photo of Tyler Measom

    Tyler Measom Cinematography, Screenplay, Director Producer

  12. Photo of Joel Goodman

    Joel Goodman Music

  13. Photo of Gregory Henry

    Gregory Henry Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Gill Holland

    Gill Holland Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Stephanie Levy

    Stephanie Levy Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Gary Schermerhorn

    Gary Schermerhorn Executive Producer

  17. Photo of David Shadrack Smith

    David Shadrack Smith Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Barry Sonnenfeld

    Barry Sonnenfeld Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Vijay Vaidyanathan

    Vijay Vaidyanathan Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Tom Paul

    Tom Paul Sound