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  1. Photo of Umberto Lenzi

    Umberto Lenzi Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Wandisa Guida

    Wandisa Guida Cast

  3. Photo of Andreas Barkoulis

    Andreas Barkoulis Cast

  4. Photo of Dionysis Papagiannopoulos

    Dionysis Papagiannopoulos Cast

  5. Photo of Stavros Xenidis

    Stavros Xenidis Cast

  6. Photo of Joly Garbi

    Joly Garbi Cast

  7. Photo of Frosso Kokkola

    Frosso Kokkola Cast

  8. Photo of Mimis Fotopoulos

    Mimis Fotopoulos Cast

  9. Photo of Nitza Avantagelou

    Nitza Avantagelou Cast

  10. Photo of Roula Chrysopoulou

    Roula Chrysopoulou Cast

  11. Photo of Giovanni Varriano

    Giovanni Varriano Cinematography

  12. Photo of Kostas Kapnisis

    Kostas Kapnisis Music

  13. Photo of Tasos Zografos

    Tasos Zografos Production Design

  14. Photo of Tersicore Kolosoff

    Tersicore Kolosoff Editing, Screenplay Cast