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  1. Photo of James MacTaggart

    James MacTaggart Director

  2. Photo of Nemone Lethbridge

    Nemone Lethbridge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tommy Godfrey

    Tommy Godfrey Cast

  4. Photo of Yootha Joyce

    Yootha Joyce Cast

  5. Photo of Bryan Pringle

    Bryan Pringle Cast

  6. Photo of Ronald Radd

    Ronald Radd Cast

  7. Photo of Glynn Edwards

    Glynn Edwards Cast

  8. Photo of Alec Ross

    Alec Ross Cast

  9. Photo of Coral Atkins

    Coral Atkins Cast

  10. Photo of Kate Williams

    Kate Williams Cast

  11. Photo of Nancy Nevinson

    Nancy Nevinson Cast

  12. Photo of Mona Bruce

    Mona Bruce Cast

  13. Photo of Dorothy Black

    Dorothy Black Cast

  14. Photo of John Moore

    John Moore Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Hill

    Charles Hill Cast

  16. Photo of Colin Rix

    Colin Rix Cast

  17. Photo of Erik Chitty

    Erik Chitty Cast

  18. Photo of Joby Blanshard

    Joby Blanshard Cast

  19. Photo of Herbert Chappell

    Herbert Chappell Music

  20. Photo of Tony Garnett

    Tony Garnett Producer