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  1. Photo of Osman F. Seden

    Osman F. Seden Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Fatma Girik

    Fatma Girik Cast

  3. Photo of Ediz Hun

    Ediz Hun Cast

  4. Photo of Ahmet Mekin

    Ahmet Mekin Cast

  5. Photo of Serpil Gül

    Serpil Gül Cast

  6. Photo of Nubar Terziyan

    Nubar Terziyan Cast

  7. Photo of Güzin Özipek

    Güzin Özipek Cast

  8. Photo of Hüseyin Peyda

    Hüseyin Peyda Cast

  9. Photo of Cahit Irgat

    Cahit Irgat Cast

  10. Photo of Mehmet Ali Akpinar

    Mehmet Ali Akpinar Cast

  11. Photo of Oktar Durukan

    Oktar Durukan Cast

  12. Photo of Ali Seyhan

    Ali Seyhan Cast

  13. Photo of Zeki Tüney

    Zeki Tüney Cast

  14. Photo of Talia Salti

    Talia Salti Cast

  15. Photo of Funda Gürçen

    Funda Gürçen Cast

  16. Photo of Cengiz Tacer

    Cengiz Tacer Cinematography