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  1. Photo of Stefan Ruzowitzky

    Stefan Ruzowitzky Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Barnaby Metschurat

    Barnaby Metschurat Cast

  3. Photo of Herbert Knaup

    Herbert Knaup Cast

  4. Photo of Heike Makatsch

    Heike Makatsch Cast

  5. Photo of Wotan Wilke Möhring

    Wotan Wilke Möhring Cast

  6. Photo of Frank Giering

    Frank Giering Cast

  7. Photo of Rosie Alvarez

    Rosie Alvarez Cast

  8. Photo of Felix Kramer

    Felix Kramer Cast

  9. Photo of Sebastian Nakajew

    Sebastian Nakajew Cast

  10. Photo of Joachim Bißmeier

    Joachim Bißmeier Cast

  11. Photo of Hanno Koffler

    Hanno Koffler Cast

  12. Photo of Boris Pietsch

    Boris Pietsch Cast

  13. Photo of Franka Potente

    Franka Potente Cast

  14. Photo of Rosel Zech

    Rosel Zech Cast

  15. Photo of August Diehl

    August Diehl Cast

  16. Photo of Birgit von Rönn

    Birgit von Rönn Cast

  17. Photo of Klaus Schindler

    Klaus Schindler Cast

  18. Photo of Ariane Schnug

    Ariane Schnug Cast

  19. Photo of Andreas Berger

    Andreas Berger Cinematography

  20. Photo of Marius Ruhland

    Marius Ruhland Music

  21. Photo of Ulrika von Vegesack

    Ulrika von Vegesack Production Design

  22. Photo of Jakob Claussen

    Jakob Claussen Producer

  23. Photo of Andrea Willson

    Andrea Willson Producer

  24. Photo of Thomas Wöbke

    Thomas Wöbke Producer

  25. Photo of Claudia Loewe

    Claudia Loewe Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Hans Funck

    Hans Funck Editing