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  1. Photo of Boris Ablynin

    Boris Ablynin Director

  2. Photo of Alexandra Sviridova

    Alexandra Sviridova Screenplay

  3. Photo of A. Mamedov

    A. Mamedov Cast

  4. Photo of Lev Trakhtenberg

    Lev Trakhtenberg Cast

  5. Photo of A. Gorbunova

    A. Gorbunova Cast

  6. Photo of A. Minakov

    A. Minakov Cast

  7. Photo of A. Ochertyansky

    A. Ochertyansky Cast

  8. Photo of R. Bogomolny

    R. Bogomolny Cast

  9. Photo of Nina Shmelkova

    Nina Shmelkova Cast

  10. Photo of G. Kacharnin

    G. Kacharnin Cast

  11. Photo of Georgi Garanyan

    Georgi Garanyan Music

  12. Photo of G. Kovrov

    G. Kovrov Executive Producer

  13. Photo of S. Abeldyahev

    S. Abeldyahev Sound

  14. Photo of Nina Savicheva

    Nina Savicheva Sound