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  1. Photo of Luigi Comencini

    Luigi Comencini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter Goldbaum

    Peter Goldbaum Screenplay

  3. Photo of Franz Höllering

    Franz Höllering Screenplay

  4. Photo of J.B. Priestley

    J.B. Priestley Screenplay

  5. Photo of O. W. Fischer

    O. W. Fischer Cast

  6. Photo of Ulla Jacobsson

    Ulla Jacobsson Cast

  7. Photo of Vera Tschechowa

    Vera Tschechowa Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Graf

    Robert Graf Cast

  9. Photo of Werner Finck

    Werner Finck Cast

  10. Photo of Reinhard Kolldehoff

    Reinhard Kolldehoff Cast

  11. Photo of Blandine Ebinger

    Blandine Ebinger Cast

  12. Photo of Lotte Stein

    Lotte Stein Cast

  13. Photo of Siegfried Schürenberg

    Siegfried Schürenberg Cast

  14. Photo of Manfred Grothe

    Manfred Grothe Cast

  15. Photo of Inge Wolffberg

    Inge Wolffberg Cast

  16. Photo of Elvira Schalcher

    Elvira Schalcher Cast

  17. Photo of Kaete Alving

    Kaete Alving Cast

  18. Photo of Sigurd Lohde

    Sigurd Lohde Cast

  19. Photo of Herbert Weissbach

    Herbert Weissbach Cast

  20. Photo of Rudi Geske

    Rudi Geske Cast

  21. Photo of Kai-Siegfried Seefeld

    Kai-Siegfried Seefeld Cast

  22. Photo of Max Strassberg

    Max Strassberg Cast

  23. Photo of Karl Löb

    Karl Löb Cinematography

  24. Photo of Hans-Martin Majewski

    Hans-Martin Majewski Music

  25. Photo of Helmut Nentwig

    Helmut Nentwig Production Design

  26. Photo of Ernst Schomer

    Ernst Schomer Production Design

  27. Photo of Artur Brauner

    Artur Brauner Producer

  28. Photo of Wolf Brauner

    Wolf Brauner Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Walter Wischniewsky

    Walter Wischniewsky Editing