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  1. Photo of Frank Vogel

    Frank Vogel Director

  2. Photo of Paul Wiens

    Paul Wiens Screenplay

  3. Photo of Armin Mueller-Stahl

    Armin Mueller-Stahl Cast

  4. Photo of Kati Székely

    Kati Székely Cast

  5. Photo of Ulrich Thein

    Ulrich Thein Cast

  6. Photo of Alfonso Arau

    Alfonso Arau Cast

  7. Photo of Katharina Linder

    Katharina Linder Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Besendahl

    Maria Besendahl Cast

  9. Photo of Marita Böhme

    Marita Böhme Cast

  10. Photo of Doris Thalmer

    Doris Thalmer Cast

  11. Photo of Gisela Strauss

    Gisela Strauss Cast

  12. Photo of Bertina Acevedo

    Bertina Acevedo Cast

  13. Photo of Christel Bodenstein

    Christel Bodenstein Cast

  14. Photo of Günter Ost

    Günter Ost Cinematography

  15. Photo of Hans-Dieter Hosalla

    Hans-Dieter Hosalla Music

  16. Photo of Ella Ensink

    Ella Ensink Editing