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  1. Photo of Xavier de Oliveira

    Xavier de Oliveira Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stepan Nercessian

    Stepan Nercessian Cast

  3. Photo of Ângela Valério

    Ângela Valério Cast

  4. Photo of Echio Reis

    Echio Reis Cast

  5. Photo of Antonio Patiño

    Antonio Patiño Cast

  6. Photo of Elcy Andrade

    Elcy Andrade Cast

  7. Photo of Antônio Augusto

    Antônio Augusto Cast

  8. Photo of Alvim Barbosa

    Alvim Barbosa Cast

  9. Photo of Dilberto da Silva

    Dilberto da Silva Cast

  10. Photo of José de Freitas

    José de Freitas Cast

  11. Photo of Cid Fayão

    Cid Fayão Cast

  12. Photo of João Gerônimo

    João Gerônimo Cast

  13. Photo of José Guilherme

    José Guilherme Cast

  14. Photo of José Lube

    José Lube Cast

  15. Photo of Edil Magliari

    Edil Magliari Cast

  16. Photo of Nelson Mariani

    Nelson Mariani Cast

  17. Photo of Ilva Niño

    Ilva Niño Cast

  18. Photo of Edilson Oliveira

    Edilson Oliveira Cast

  19. Photo of Pichin Plá

    Pichin Plá Cast

  20. Photo of Maria Regina

    Maria Regina Cast

  21. Photo of Emiliano Ribeiro

    Emiliano Ribeiro Cast

  22. Photo of Maria Rita

    Maria Rita Cast

  23. Photo of Manoel Santana

    Manoel Santana Cast

  24. Photo of Eugênio Santos

    Eugênio Santos Cast

  25. Photo of Maria Luiza Splendore

    Maria Luiza Splendore Cast

  26. Photo of Alcidia Tavares

    Alcidia Tavares Cast

  27. Photo of Cirene Tostes

    Cirene Tostes Cast

  28. Photo of Edson Batista

    Edson Batista Cinematography

  29. Photo of Maria Aparecida

    Maria Aparecida Music

  30. Photo of Armênia X. Oliveira

    Armênia X. Oliveira Production Design and Costume Design

  31. Photo of Denoy de Oliveira

    Denoy de Oliveira Producer and Music

  32. Photo of Divaldo de Souza

    Divaldo de Souza Producer and Cast

  33. Photo of Eduardo Osório

    Eduardo Osório Producer

  34. Photo of Manuel Oliveira

    Manuel Oliveira Editing

  35. Photo of José Tavares

    José Tavares Sound