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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Andy Warhol's Bad

    As if the Warhol "brand" was not bad enough, this movie couldn't even camp it right. Hilariously BAD!

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Andy Warhol's Bad

    So many great scenes. The woman who can't afford to have her baby killed, so she throws it out the window and blood splashes all over a girl's pretty dress. That is very bad. A woman pays to have a dog murdered. Also bad. Carroll Baker plays a very bad proprietress of electrolysis and she also offers murder for hire. Perry King (Mandingo) co-stars. A fun film about people who are bad. A classic of trash cinema!

  3. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Andy Warhol's Bad

    Seems to think a handful of "shocking" scenes makes it something watchable as a film. Ceaselessly dull, unfunny, and cheaply made, Carroll Baker and Susan Tyrrell provide the only meager entertainment value in a cast of annoying amateurs. Really not worth watching for any reason.