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  1. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Angel

    Such an elegant, restrained thing.

  2. AugusteB's rating of the film Angel

    A slow burner. But it gets there and then you will love it.

  3. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Angel

    I know this is considered a low energy Lubitsch but I got pleasure from it. Dietrich is, perhaps, not as animated as she was in the glittering, triumphant Borzage/Lubitsch "Desire" but she is still so attractive. Her two leading men are attuned to the Lubitsch rhythms. The big surprise is the stylish, subdued performance he gets from the notorious hamstress Laura Hope Crews (Aunt Pittypat).

  4. belemir's rating of the film Angel

  5. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Angel

  6. pluviosity's rating of the film Angel

    one ultra micro cliched premise: love triangle in marriage life. Then Ernst Lubitsch expanded it to a story where balance met the spark of chaos, grandiose life while uncertainty of war and other things occur outside it. Drive me crazy, this guy.

  7. L'immoralistee's rating of the film Angel

  8. José Neves's rating of the film Angel

    35mm, rewatched. Lubitsch at one of his various summits, supreme and sophisticated styling exercise of human comedy, curiously with several tangentials to Renoir's "La Règle du Jeu", that would be made 2 years later - "les beaux esprits toujours se rencontrent". A more laconic and romanticized variation than his previous ruthless ironies, with a hope that emerges as a sudden breakthrough inscribed in image: love.

  9. FAKE_001's rating of the film Angel

    o Lubitsch já sabia tudo o que tinha de saber

  10. FISCHER's rating of the film Angel

    Encore un excellent Lubitsch qui nous ravit et nous enchante !

  11. nessmj's rating of the film Angel

    One of my favorite things about watching any Lubitsch film is how evident it is that he is in love with humanity. There is such a lovely light touch to conversation, to interaction, gestural nuances. He simply wants his characters to get along. Dietrich and Marshall's interactions as a married couple illustrate that while she may have fallen for someone else, it is not due to a lack of love.

  12. Tudor Rachieru's rating of the film Angel

  13. Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film Angel

    Films where someone has an indirect phone revelation are always great: it happens in Seven Chances, in Back Street, in the Twin Peaks pilot, and it happens here.

  14. Beatrice Lorenzini's rating of the film Angel

  15. Brendan's rating of the film Angel

    I severely underestimated this the first time. Words dance as figures pose in stillness. The few moments where the figures, in an outline of ecstatic light, dance are monumental ballets of what is captured, yet hidden, in the smallest movements

  16. knockkneed's rating of the film Angel

    far from the most charming Lubitsch, but fantastically meticulous

  17. Karthik's rating of the film Angel

    The mazy baroque of an English mansion vs. the airiness of a Paris salon; cavernous insides vs. breezy violet-scented parks; the settled rituals of a long marriage vs. the discoveries of infant passion : within these poles, where geography is meaning and every element of découpage bears startling expressive power, this masterpiece of Lubitsch conducts its beautiful dance of finding a path to moral generosity.

  18. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Angel

    A midpoint between Trouble in Paradise and To Be Or Not to Be, and not just chronologically. A love triangle forms and a monogamous bond is challenged/upheld in a Europe about to go to war, and the warmth and chemistry between the characters, including the minor ones, suggests that occupations and labels don't matter as much as wit or attraction. Fewer political conventions, more honeymoons. When do we want it? Now.

  19. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Angel

    "Madam, I've found through life the days take care of themselves. It's the evenings that are so difficult".

  20. tony1990's rating of the film Angel

    The camera doesn't simply track but glide, as seamless as the dialogue that playfully toys with the absurd complexity of the character's emotions.

  21. chanandre's rating of the film Angel

    [Cinémathèque PT #615: 35 mm] (2008)