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  1. Photo of Chûsei Sone

    Chûsei Sone Director

  2. Photo of Toshiharu Ikeda

    Toshiharu Ikeda Screenplay

  3. Photo of Takashi Ishii

    Takashi Ishii Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ryuusaku Shinsui

    Ryuusaku Shinsui Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Machiko Ohtani

    Machiko Ohtani Cast

  6. Photo of Sanshô Shinsui

    Sanshô Shinsui Cast

  7. Photo of Megu Kawashima

    Megu Kawashima Cast

  8. Photo of Tatsuma Higuchi

    Tatsuma Higuchi Cast

  9. Photo of Tsutomu Hori

    Tsutomu Hori Cast

  10. Photo of Shin Kagayama

    Shin Kagayama Cast

  11. Photo of Kenji Kasai

    Kenji Kasai Cast

  12. Photo of Ken Kazama

    Ken Kazama Cast

  13. Photo of Kazuyuki Komiya

    Kazuyuki Komiya Cast

  14. Photo of Maya Kudô

    Maya Kudô Cast

  15. Photo of Toshihiko Oda

    Toshihiko Oda Cast

  16. Photo of Yoshimasa Tôma

    Yoshimasa Tôma Cast

  17. Photo of Tokuko Watanabe

    Tokuko Watanabe Cast

  18. Photo of Tomoko Yamanoue

    Tomoko Yamanoue Cast

  19. Photo of Hiroyasu Yoshida

    Hiroyasu Yoshida Cast

  20. Photo of Nobumasa Mizunoo

    Nobumasa Mizunoo Cinematography

  21. Photo of Masumi Oono

    Masumi Oono Music

  22. Photo of Heihachiro Watanabe

    Heihachiro Watanabe Production Design

  23. Photo of Yoshiyuki Kaino

    Yoshiyuki Kaino Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Shinji Yamada

    Shinji Yamada Editing