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  1. Photo of Jamshed Usmonov

    Jamshed Usmonov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marco Müller

    Marco Müller Producer

  3. Photo of Pascal Lagriffoul

    Pascal Lagriffoul Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jacques Comets

    Jacques Comets Editing

  5. Photo of Uktamoi Miyasarova

    Uktamoi Miyasarova Cast

  6. Photo of Maruf Pulodzoda

    Maruf Pulodzoda Cast

  7. Photo of Kova Tilavpur

    Kova Tilavpur Cast

  8. Photo of Mardonkul Kulbobo

    Mardonkul Kulbobo Cast

  9. Photo of Malohat Maqsumova

    Malohat Maqsumova Cast

  10. Photo of Furkat Burlev

    Furkat Burlev Cast

  11. Photo of Orzuqui Kholikov

    Orzuqui Kholikov Cast

  12. Photo of Hokim Rakhmonov

    Hokim Rakhmonov Cast

  13. Photo of Tolib Temuraliev

    Tolib Temuraliev Cast

  14. Photo of Davras Azimov

    Davras Azimov Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Galasso

    Michael Galasso Music

  16. Photo of Maslodov Farosatshoev

    Maslodov Farosatshoev Production Design

  17. Photo of Dana Farzanehpour

    Dana Farzanehpour Sound