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  1. dmol's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    It doesn't always make sense, but this was a lovely film. It was too preoccupied making us part of real life, their life, to worry too much about putting everything in the right place. And that was its biggest plus.

  2.'s rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    The natural acting style was very impressive

  3. Christopher W's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Super - loved it.Encore une histoire de La Belle France.Reminds me of watching les pecheurs landing at naughty (out of quota?) catch one evening while waiting for the ferry at Roscoff.LOL They weren't too happy with the little audience of tourists watching them at their work.Fortunately the Gendarmerie seemed to be otherwise engaged.

  4.'s rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    A sweet little thing with believable performances from the ill-matched couple. Angele's wilful streak helps explain her past; and there's a hope in her radiant smiles.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    A slight film, but no less enjoyable and engrossing for it. Two great central performances (from Clotilde Hesme and Gregory Gadebois) help to ground this tale of a woman trying to get her life into some semblance of order again, but an order that doesn't stifle or change her, after some time spent in prison.

  6. Joel Shenton's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Well made but a bit too low on events. Left me wishing there was more, so can't be bad, but introduces interesting characters and relationships it does very little with

  7. Elisabeth's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Another little gem! Clotilde Hesme is magnetic

  8. Ankush Samant's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Ephemeral yet eternal! That's the beauty of love and this movie.

  9. Tja's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Raw beauty is fine by me, but the lack of dialogue made this seem longer than its 80 minutes. Copulatory grunting and the occasional look is no substitute for a meaningful chat. Loved the types of fish, lesson ...Study up!

  10. SiIencio's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Effective in producing the desired basic emotions but dull and elementary nonetheless. There is a glaring lack of depth in both story and character development and the acting is pretty monodimensional- one face fits them all. A lack of ambition (or possibly skill) to add complexity (the violent social backdrop dissipated quickly) sets the film firmly in the realms of a rainy Saturday afternoon drowsy session.

  11. dc.'s rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Sencillamente extraordinaria, clara muestra de que no se necesita mucho diálogo para transmitir lo que se siente.

  12. El Mau's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Una historia sencilla y honesta... y hermosa...

  13. Rocío En Ameca's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Lenta, pero me parece un buen retrato de la violencia en un pueblo y de cómo las emociones pueden expresarse, con mucha dificultad, pero pueden.

  14. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Angèle, belle jeune femme à la dérive & désargentée, débarque à Port-en-Bessin, en Normandie, dans 1 commune frappée par la crise économique. Tony, un marin-pêcheur, dont le père s'est perdu en mer, l'héberge et la place à la halle aux poissons. Clotilde Hesme / Grégory Gadebois / Lola Dueñas / Patrick Ligardes /

  15. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    I loved this so much. The whole piece is just beautifully observed. The range and depth of emotion conveyed through short, often largely unspoken exchanges is astonishing, particularly the close up sequences focused on Angele's face whilst she is riding her bike. I've hardly ever rooted so strongly for two people to make it work.

  16. Violins By Night's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Subtle storytelling; creeps up on you. 3.5

  17. Sin título.'s rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Una historia que ejemplifica como en algunas ocasiones las cosas que parecieran no conjugar terminan entablando una relación un tanto funcional. Quizá la verdadera felicidad es encontrar la armonía entre las pequeñas coincidencias funcionales dentro de las relaciones interpersonales.

  18. MiGuanajuato's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Con dialogos cortos y con una producción muy sencilla esta es una de esas películas que "retratan" la vida misma, en este caso, las segundas oportunidades y el no dejarse llevar por la primer apariencia. Recomendada.

  19. rociof's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Bellísima. El amor está en otra parte y habrá que encontrarlo.

  20. Charlie's rating of the film Angèle & Tony

    Un film doux, très doux. :)