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  1. Photo of Wilson Barros

    Wilson Barros Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of José Roberto Eliezer

    José Roberto Eliezer Cinematography

  3. Photo of Renato Neiva Moreira

    Renato Neiva Moreira Editing

  4. Photo of Cristiano Amaral

    Cristiano Amaral Production Design

  5. Photo of Álvaro Pedreira

    Álvaro Pedreira Producer

  6. Photo of André Klotzel

    André Klotzel Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Zita Carvalhosa

    Zita Carvalhosa Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Sérvulo Augusto

    Sérvulo Augusto Music

  9. Photo of Walter Rogério

    Walter Rogério Sound

  10. Photo of Zezé Motta

    Zezé Motta Cast

  11. Photo of Antônio Fagundes

    Antônio Fagundes Cast

  12. Photo of Marco Nanini

    Marco Nanini Cast

  13. Photo of Chiquinho Brandão

    Chiquinho Brandão Cast

  14. Photo of Marília Pêra

    Marília Pêra Cast

  15. Photo of Cláudio Mamberti

    Cláudio Mamberti Cast

  16. Photo of Guilherme Leme

    Guilherme Leme Cast

  17. Photo of Aida Leiner

    Aida Leiner Cast

  18. Photo of Tuna Dwek

    Tuna Dwek Cast

  19. Photo of Ana Ramalho

    Ana Ramalho Cast

  20. Photo of Be Valério

    Be Valério Cast

  21. Photo of Aldo Bueno

    Aldo Bueno Cast

  22. Photo of Sérgio Mamberti

    Sérgio Mamberti Cast

  23. Photo of Rosaly Papadopol

    Rosaly Papadopol Cast

  24. Photo of José Luiz Sasso

    José Luiz Sasso Sound

  25. Photo of José Rubens Chachá

    José Rubens Chachá Cast

  26. Photo of Letícia Imbassahy

    Letícia Imbassahy Cast