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  1. Photo of Dominic James

    Dominic James Director

  2. Photo of André Rouleau

    André Rouleau Producer

  3. Photo of Martin Girard

    Martin Girard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jérôme Sabourin

    Jérôme Sabourin Cinematography

  5. Photo of Karine Vanasse

    Karine Vanasse Cast

  6. Photo of Sébastien Huberdeau

    Sébastien Huberdeau Cast

  7. Photo of Claire Pimpare

    Claire Pimpare Cast

  8. Photo of Sophie Cadieux

    Sophie Cadieux Cast

  9. Photo of Sacha Sojic

    Sacha Sojic Editing

  10. Photo of Samuel Laflamme

    Samuel Laflamme Music

  11. Photo of Louis Côté

    Louis Côté Music

  12. Photo of Julie-Anne Tremblay

    Julie-Anne Tremblay Costume Design

  13. Photo of Edwin Jose Fernandez Collado

    Edwin Jose Fernandez Collado Cast

  14. Photo of Amarilys Nunez Barrioso

    Amarilys Nunez Barrioso Cast

  15. Photo of Youraisi Gomez Pena

    Youraisi Gomez Pena Cast

  16. Photo of Mirielis Cejas Gonzales

    Mirielis Cejas Gonzales Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Miller

    Peter Miller Cast