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  1. Photo of Oddvar Bull Tuhus

    Oddvar Bull Tuhus Director

  2. Photo of Svein Scharffenberg

    Svein Scharffenberg Cast

  3. Photo of Eva Sevaldson

    Eva Sevaldson Cast

  4. Photo of Thea Stabell

    Thea Stabell Cast

  5. Photo of Alf Nordhus

    Alf Nordhus Cast

  6. Photo of Per Christensen

    Per Christensen Cast

  7. Photo of Sverre Gran

    Sverre Gran Cast

  8. Photo of Svein Hovde

    Svein Hovde Cast

  9. Photo of Ole-Jørgen Nilsen

    Ole-Jørgen Nilsen Cast

  10. Photo of Sarah Pierstorff

    Sarah Pierstorff Cast

  11. Photo of Ola Solum

    Ola Solum Cast