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  1. Photo of Patrick Read Johnson

    Patrick Read Johnson Director

  2. Photo of Robert Cavallo

    Robert Cavallo Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Susan B. Landau

    Susan B. Landau Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Gary Levinsohn

    Gary Levinsohn Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Charles Roven

    Charles Roven Producer

  6. Photo of Douglas Segal

    Douglas Segal Producer

  7. Photo of Kelley Smith-Wait

    Kelley Smith-Wait Producer

  8. Photo of Dawn Steel

    Dawn Steel Producer

  9. Photo of Jill Gordon

    Jill Gordon Screenplay

  10. Photo of Alexander Gruszynski

    Alexander Gruszynski Cinematography

  11. Photo of Charlie Talbert

    Charlie Talbert Cast

  12. Photo of Kathy Bates

    Kathy Bates Cast

  13. Photo of James Van Der Beek

    James Van Der Beek Cast

  14. Photo of Chris Owen

    Chris Owen Cast

  15. Photo of Ariana Richards

    Ariana Richards Cast

  16. Photo of George C. Scott

    George C. Scott Cast

  17. Photo of Janice Hampton

    Janice Hampton Editing

  18. Photo of Lawrence Miller

    Lawrence Miller Production Design

  19. Photo of Jill M. Ohanneson

    Jill M. Ohanneson Costume Design

  20. Photo of Chris Crutcher

    Chris Crutcher Screenplay

  21. Photo of Perry Anzilotti

    Perry Anzilotti Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Curtis Brown

    Robert Curtis Brown Cast

  23. Photo of Kevin Connolly

    Kevin Connolly Cast

  24. Photo of Tony Denman

    Tony Denman Cast

  25. Photo of Yvette Freeman

    Yvette Freeman Cast

  26. Photo of Salim Grant

    Salim Grant Cast

  27. Photo of James Keane

    James Keane Cast

  28. Photo of Irvin Kershner

    Irvin Kershner Cast

  29. Photo of Wesley Mann

    Wesley Mann Cast

  30. Photo of Rita Moreno

    Rita Moreno Cast

  31. Photo of David E. Russo

    David E. Russo Music

  32. Photo of Anna Thomson

    Anna Thomson Cast