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  1. Photo of Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi Director, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Edward Bunker

    Edward Bunker Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of John Steppling

    John Steppling Screenplay

  4. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  5. Photo of Edward Furlong

    Edward Furlong Cast

  6. Photo of Seymour Cassel

    Seymour Cassel Cast

  7. Photo of J.C. Quinn

    J.C. Quinn Cast

  8. Photo of Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo Cast

  9. Photo of Mark Boone Junior

    Mark Boone Junior Cast

  10. Photo of Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Arnold

    Tom Arnold Cast

  12. Photo of John Heard

    John Heard Cast

  13. Photo of Chris Bauer

    Chris Bauer Cast

  14. Photo of Rockets Redglare

    Rockets Redglare Cast

  15. Photo of Jake La Botz

    Jake La Botz Cast

  16. Photo of Mark Engelhardt

    Mark Engelhardt Cast

  17. Photo of Victor Pagan

    Victor Pagan Cast

  18. Photo of Ernest Harden Jr.

    Ernest Harden Jr. Cast

  19. Photo of Afemo Omilami

    Afemo Omilami Cast

  20. Photo of Mark Webber

    Mark Webber Cast

  21. Photo of Phil Parmet

    Phil Parmet Cinematography

  22. Photo of John Lurie

    John Lurie Music

  23. Photo of Steve Rosenzweig

    Steve Rosenzweig Production Design

  24. Photo of Julie Yorn

    Julie Yorn Producer

  25. Photo of Elie Samaha

    Elie Samaha Producer

  26. Photo of Alan Cohen

    Alan Cohen Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Barry Cohen

    Barry Cohen Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Dale King

    Dale King Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Jon Pearlman

    Jon Pearlman Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Kate Williams

    Kate Williams Editing