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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Epoustouflante et vertigineuse plongée dans la criminalité au quotidien, pour un premier long métrage fort justement primé lors de nombreux festivals qui impose une oeuvre sophistiquée en hébétude, magnifiquement saturée par les tensions exogènes et endogènes du groupe, une imposante danse macabre absurde et inutile qui n'est pas sans rappeler certains immémoriaux drames antiques ou shakespeariens.

  3. hemachandra's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    I thought this film would be a slick thriller instead, it evolved into the unfolding of a Shakespearean tragedy, thanks to the naturalistic style of David Michôd and low-key performances that get under the skin (especially Jacki Weaver's, I completely dread her serpentine matriarch character).

  4. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    every character shined and made me feel some type of way

  5. Aube James's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Janine "Smurf" Cody--played by Jacki Weaver--is the saccharine matron in a criminal family. Their house is where all eyes have fear in them. Is it because of police? Maybe, but something primal rules the home. Like how a mother croc uses its jaws to cradle its young, we can't be so sure of Mrs. Cody's warm embraces. She asserts: "Just because we don’t wanna do something doesn’t mean it can’t be done."

  6. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Despite going for a dour atmosphere, its style looks more dull rather than being uncomfortable or gloom and doom, making it boring and unengaging. There's certainly hauntingly conceived scenes here-- a police ambush, Mendelsohn drugging a girl to interrogate her-- but the often-praised acting is actually quite muddled: a lot of the time they are just moping. Too one-note in bleak emotion to be enthralling or moving.

  7. Rachel and Saranne's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Fantastic film with a great story that had me hooked. Jackie Weaver's acting was what elevated the film for me and took it to the next level. Her complex character, manipulative was just fascinating to watch.

  8. George Sealey's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    You've gone and done it again haven't you darren , gone and smoked yourself silly and think somethings going on.

  9. Kk Soft Boss's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

  10. bryanvmh's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    They're lions. Roar. Corrupt justice system is just another corrupt family. Acting is good, but Jacki Weaver should be the star, not the kid.

  11. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Pretty cool mood throughout the movie, with all the tension. It's a cruel and unfair story, best carried out by Weaver, who, with a relatively small role, gives a remarkable performance.

  12. Keith Youngberg's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    I don't know why... just really liked this movie. No predictability. The story makes you realize/remember that there are so many kids growing up in sad, messed up situations and families. Intense, gritty, brutal reality.

  13. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Duro,inquietante,crudo,talmente forte e suggestivo che disturba la vista.Una bad-family stile Korine,in cui Michod però punta meno sul marciume e più sulla ferocia e sulla mancanza di scrupoli dell'animo umano;il pathos e il senso di "groppo"non mollano mai,fino a sublimarsi nella scena dell'assassinio della ragazza,una delle scene più malsane che abbia mai visto.Script di ferro,personaggi strepitosi,film supertosto.

  14. Comadozer's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Amazing film. Menacing. Captured that strange Melbourne attitude that fluctuates between dryly funny and sentimental really well (even within the context of a crime family). Didn't need the VO at the start, and it doesn't treat crime families with any respect in terms of intelligence. The story worked, but smart crime families don't attract attention to themselves in Vietnamese restaurants (for example).

  15. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Good crime drama that however is not as good as its reputation. While the acting and production work was very good I thought that the narrative was a bit meandering and streched out in parts. Strong opening and ending but the middle was bloated and a bit aimless for me.

  16. revok's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    don't miss the dogs of DAVID MICHÔD

  17. Fabio Ornelas's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

  18. Nicholas McHugh's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom is one of the best Australian made films. It shows us a dark and twisted side to the underworld and makes us question who is really at the top of the kingdom. A fantastic script, superb acting and visually pleasing cinematography. The film is more than a story about a crime family.

  19. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

  20. ig_____or's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    Jackie Weaver is always intriguing as the caring and ruthless matriarch of this dysfunctional criminal family. Seeing Josh rise to the occasion and turning himself from a prey into a predator as everyone around him is killed was tense and immersive. Very good Australian flick!

  21. Taylor Geddes's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    It was good, but I just kept wanting to watch Snowtown the entire time...

  22. Pymo's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

  23. Gregory Kelly's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    After watching this film, I penned my first ever short film - Contingency. It flooded my mind with nature vs nurture concepts, that in itself opens up a big can of worms.

  24. David Gaillardetz's rating of the film Animal Kingdom

    An intense and immensely powerful and entertaining movie.

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