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  1. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Animals

    Who’s more schizoid: the world or you? Parallelisms, disruptions, discontinuities, lost time, reversed chronology, mistaken/changing identities. “Animals” does a lot to fuck up your mind, and does it well. It also resists the temptation to explain almost until the end. Only almost, unfortunately. But I forgive it. After all, many viewers are most likely relieved to get an explanation. One of those human weaknesses.

  2. Conn Tubacu's rating of the film Animals

  3. pancake lizard's rating of the film Animals

    This is Zglinski making a Lynch movie that would outlynch Lynch himself. It's also so subtle in its comedy that it takes a while to warm up to it, but this, undoubtedly, is a comedy, and should be watched as such.