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  1. Photo of Jörn Donner

    Jörn Donner Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eija-Elina Bergholm

    Eija-Elina Bergholm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harriet Andersson

    Harriet Andersson Cast

  4. Photo of Pertti Melasniemi

    Pertti Melasniemi Cast

  5. Photo of Marja Packalén

    Marja Packalén Cast

  6. Photo of Tapio Rautavaara

    Tapio Rautavaara Cast

  7. Photo of Ulf Törnroth

    Ulf Törnroth Cast

  8. Photo of Tapani Perttu

    Tapani Perttu Cast

  9. Photo of Maarit Hyttinen

    Maarit Hyttinen Cast

  10. Photo of Paavo Laaksonen

    Paavo Laaksonen Cast

  11. Photo of Olli Meurman

    Olli Meurman Cast

  12. Photo of Marja-Liisa Moisander

    Marja-Liisa Moisander Cast

  13. Photo of Oili Siltanen

    Oili Siltanen Cast

  14. Photo of Karin Thomasson

    Karin Thomasson Cast

  15. Photo of Heikki Katajisto

    Heikki Katajisto Cinematography

  16. Photo of Claes af Geijerstam

    Claes af Geijerstam Music

  17. Photo of Arno Carlstedt

    Arno Carlstedt Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Erkki Seiro

    Erkki Seiro Editing

  19. Photo of Paul Jyrälä

    Paul Jyrälä Sound

  20. Photo of Tuomo Kattilakoski

    Tuomo Kattilakoski Sound

  21. Photo of Pekka Lehto

    Pekka Lehto Sound