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  1. Photo of Maria Eriksson

    Maria Eriksson Director

  2. Photo of Vanja Torp

    Vanja Torp Screenplay

  3. Photo of Johanna Granström

    Johanna Granström Cast

  4. Photo of Nina Jeppsson

    Nina Jeppsson Cast

  5. Photo of Dag Malmberg

    Dag Malmberg Cast

  6. Photo of Errah Seno

    Errah Seno Cast

  7. Photo of Annika Busch

    Annika Busch Cinematography

  8. Photo of Sebastian Örnemark

    Sebastian Örnemark Music

  9. Photo of Victoria Hendeberg

    Victoria Hendeberg Production Design

  10. Photo of Malin Idevall

    Malin Idevall Producer

  11. Photo of Erik Lundqvist

    Erik Lundqvist Producer

  12. Photo of Alexandra Litén

    Alexandra Litén Editing