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  1. Photo of Léa Pool

    Léa Pool Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcel Beaulieu

    Marcel Beaulieu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Albane Guilhe

    Albane Guilhe Cast

  4. Photo of Louise Marleau

    Louise Marleau Cast

  5. Photo of Lucie Laurier

    Lucie Laurier Cast

  6. Photo of Guy Thauvette

    Guy Thauvette Cast

  7. Photo of Hugues Quester

    Hugues Quester Cast

  8. Photo of Nuvit Ozdogru

    Nuvit Ozdogru Cast

  9. Photo of Kim Yaroshevskaya

    Kim Yaroshevskaya Cast

  10. Photo of Carl Boileau

    Carl Boileau Cast

  11. Photo of Elizabeth Briand

    Elizabeth Briand Cast

  12. Photo of Pierre Plante

    Pierre Plante Cast

  13. Photo of Sarah-Jeanne Salvy

    Sarah-Jeanne Salvy Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider Cast

  15. Photo of Gilbert Sicotte

    Gilbert Sicotte Cast

  16. Photo of Rosalie Thauvette

    Rosalie Thauvette Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Mignot

    Pierre Mignot Cinematography

  18. Photo of René Dupéré

    René Dupéré Music

  19. Photo of Vianney Gauthier

    Vianney Gauthier Production Design

  20. Photo of Claude Bonin

    Claude Bonin Producer

  21. Photo of Roger Frappier

    Roger Frappier Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Michel Arcand

    Michel Arcand Editing

  23. Photo of Rena B. Wasserman

    Rena B. Wasserman Editing

  24. Photo of Richard Besse

    Richard Besse Sound